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from "The Concrete Producer" Vol 16, Number 7

"With mixer driver’s invention,
high—fives are always possible"

"Ray Bareiss had been unfolding chutes for more than 20 years, but one day a split- second cost him part of a finger. Bareiss’ hand surgeon said the veteran mixer truck driver, who works out of Morse Bros. Eugene, Ore., plant, was the third person he treated in 20 months who had caught a finger in the pinch point between the main chute and foldover chute.

With plenty of evidence that unfolding chutes is dangerous, Bareiss has invented the Chute Stop, a lever that mounts to the foldover chute and engages the main chute during unfolding to leave a gap in the pinch point. Pushing the lever toward the chute closes the gap. The device also engages when the driver folds the chute back up.

Bareiss stresses that the device fits producers’ liability-prevention strategies. He says his medical and workers compensation costs were nearly $8,000, and those costs don’t include legal bills Morse Bros. might have had to pay if Bareiss was a customer."

Reprinted from The Concrete Producer
copyrighted by HANLEY-WOOD, LLC

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